A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Wedding party game with a lot of guests. Find the villain between them and the way how to eliminate him. You have limited time for it.

At the wedding the are plenty of guests which give you clues how the villain looks like.

The villain looks differently every time level starts.


W S A D keys for movement

space bar for interaction

enter/return key for saving clue (when you talk with some guest you can take note of last sentence by pressing enter). Keeping list of clues may help you find the villain.

More special controls are revealed as you play the game. No spoilers.

Install instructions

1. Download the version you need (Windows or Mac)

2. Open the .zip or .rar file using your browser or compression software (winrar for example).

3. Play


TWL_1.0.zip 29 MB
TWL_rar.rar 25 MB
TWL_zip.zip 29 MB


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